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Bologna, Italy

The Organizers

EFS –  European Federation of Sexology

The European Federation of Sexology recognizes sexuality as central to human life, health, well-being, and human rights. EFS is the voice and the core network for professionals working in sexology in Europe. EFS promotes excellent and ethical practice in education, knowledge, and skills to celebrate sexual health, intimacy, and diversity with compassion, free from prejudice and violence.

You can find out more about the EFS here

CIS – Centro Italiano de Sessuologia (Italian Center of Sexology)

The CIS – Italian Center of Sexology – is an association aimed at the study of human sexuality founded in 1959 by a group of Roman doctors animated by Professor Giacomo Santori. CIS promotes scientific research and professional training in an interdisciplinary perspective for an anthropology of sexuality.
The CIS has created the “School of Sexology for Sexual Education, Counseling and Psychotherapy” which takes care of the updating and training of those who, as educators or clinicians, intend to work for the promotion, maintenance and recovery of sexual health through sex education, the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases and the treatment of sexual disorders.
The CIS is engaged in the organization and implementation of events in the form of conferences, seminars and refresher courses that address the issues of human sexuality.
Since 1960, CIS has published the six-monthly Rivista di Sessuologia providing scientific updates on sexology issues.
The CIS does not take care of the direct management of clinics, sexological and outpatient facilities.
The CIS is not an instrument of social, political, ideological, economic power groups; nor can it be used by individual members and partners for commercial purposes.
IL CIS is a member of the Italian Federation of Scientific Sexology ,  the World Association for Sexual Health , the European Federation of Sexology and of theFederation of Italian Medical-Scientific Societies.
You can find out more about CIS here

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