The city of Aalborg


alborg is a multi-faceted city full of contrasts. A city with a zest for life and all its pleasures.  From fast-paced fun to peaceful oases. From a foaming draft beer to sublime gastronomy. From the Viking Era, through the Middle Ages, to modern art. Aalborg is the little big city where all the major city attractions are easily reached, as everything is within walking distance. Aalborg is also a city undergoing a rapid transformation – from an industrial town with smoking chimneys to a modern city.The signs of this transition are especially evident along the city’s waterfront, which has much to offer to outdoor- and culture enthusiasts. Take a walk on the waterfront and you will come across the major powerhouses of culture; the old power station Nordkraft, the architectonic, the astonishing Utzon Center, and Musikkens Hus (The House of Music).


Denmark has a temperate climate with mild winters and cool summers. November in Denmark is usually rainy and mild with temperatures during the day around the 5 degrees and close to freezing during the night.The days are short during November with sunrise around 8:15 am and sunset 4:00 pm however, as the EFS is happening towards the end of November you will find that Aalborg is lit up by an enormous amount of white Christmas lights and therefore you will hardly notice the dark, grey days.Remember to dress in layers as it will be cool outside and warm indoors and most importantly, remember to bring an umbrella, a scarf and gloves.

 Public Transport

Local busses run regularly throughout the city and to other regional towns. A ticket around Aalborg generally costs 22dkk per trip and can be bought directly from the driver or you can book your ticket online in advance on (please notice the buses do not accept credit cards or foreign currency). Online you can also buy a 24- or 72-Hours Travel Pass at reduced price. To plan your travel you can also use or Rejseplanen.
-As you are in Denmark, a proud bicycle-nation, you might want to rent a bicycle to get around. The city is mostly level, making it effortless to get around. However, make sure that the weather will be suitable before committing to riding a bicycle. You can rent a bicycle from Munk’s Eftf, or use the Donkey Bike app to get around easily. You can also ask at your hotel, as many hotels have bicycles for hire.

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