Scientific Committees

Dr. Mijal Luria is the President of the Israeli Society for Sexual Medicine (ILSSM), the Director of the Center for Sexual Health at the Hadassah Mt. Scopus Medical Center and Clinical Director of the Rotem Center for Multidisciplinary Sex Therapy, in Jerusalem, Israel. She is an attending obstetrician-gynecologist and sex therapist. She studied medicine at the La Salle University in Mexico City and completed the residency program in Obstetrics and Gynecology at the Shaare Tzedek Medical Center in Jerusalem, followed by a fellowship in Sex Therapy at the Meir Medical Center in Israel and at the University of British Columbia Sexual Medicine Program in Vancouver, Canada. Her clinical work encompasses the treatment of couples and individuals with sexual problems, with a special focus on women sexual wellbeing. Dr. Luria co-directs the Jerusalem's Hebrew University Medical School course "Introduction to Human Sexuality”, created the program “Growing Together” for sexual education of early adolescents and their parents and created the "Healthy Relationships Program" for sexual education of high school students. Dr. Luria has ongoing collaborations on several research projects. She is a member of its Executive Committee of the European Federation of Sexology's (EFS) and is the co-chair of the EFS scientific committee. She is also a member of the European Federation for Sexual Medicine (ESSM) scientific committee. Dr. Luria also serves the board of directors of the Israeli Association for Sex Therapists (ITAM).

Mijal Luria

Co-chair of the Scientific Committees
President of the Israeli Society for Sexual Medicine (ILSSM),
Director of the Center for Sexual Health at the Hadassah Mt. Scopus Medical Center, Clinical Director of the Rotem Center for Multidisciplinary Sex Therapy, Jerusalem, Israel

Dr Paraskevi-Sofia (Evie) Kirana is a psychologist specialized in psycho-sexology. She is the head of the Centre for Sexual and Reproductive Health of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki Greece. Since 2010 she is a faculty member of the ESSM. Her research includes 20 international and 6 Greek publications. She is one of the editors of the EFS-ESSM Syllabus in Clinical Sexology. Currently she is an associate editor of the journal ‘Sexual Medicine’. She is the chair of the ESSM/EFS Exam Committee for psycho-sexologists and a member of the EFS Executive Committee. She is the co-founder of the International Online Sexology Supervisors.

Evie Kirana

Co-chair of the Scientific Committees
Evie Kirana, Phd, FECSM (hon), ECPS
Health psychologist- Sexologist
Executive Co-director of International Online Sexology Supervisors
Chair of the European Psycho-sexology Accreditation Committee
Member of the Executive Committee of the European Federation of Sexology

EFS Scientific Committee

Mehmet Sungur is professor of psychiatry at Istanbul Kent University. He received training in cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT), sexual and marital therapies at the Institute of Psychiatry, London. He is accredited as a 'cognitive behaviour therapist' by the Europoean Association of Behaviour and Cognitive Therapy (EABCT). He is a founding fellow member and a certified cognitive therapist/supervisor of the Academy of Cognitive Therapy (ACT). He is the president of the International Association for Cognitive Psychotherapy (IACP) and has been a past president of the EABCT. Dr Sungur is the president elect of the European Federation of Sexology (EFS) and also a member of the International Advisory Committee of the Beck Institute. His clinical practice covers a wide range of clinical syndromes with a special emphasis on cognitive behavioural treatment of anxiety disorders and sexual and marital problems. He has presented workshops and keynotes in many international congresses. He played a leading role in the dissemination of the practice of CBT and sex-couple therapy . He is the president of Turkish Association of Cognitive and Behaviour Therapy (TACBT) since its establishment. He has received some national and international awards, including “Schizophrenia Reintegration Award”, “Gold Medal from European Federation of Sexology”, "Julia Heiman Honorary Award" and "Lo Piccolo Award" for his contributions in the area of couple and sex therapy. He has published more than 100 papers mainly about CBT and sexual disorders and written books and book chapters on CBT. He is on the advisory and/or editorial board of many national and international journals and has currently committed himself to the training of mental health professionals in clinical applications of CBT and couple-sex therapy. He has been the president of 7 international congresses.

Mehmet Sungur

President of the European Federation of Sexology
Professor of Psychiatry, Istanbul Kent University, Istanbul
President of the Turkish Association for Cognitive Behaviour Psychotherapy (TACBP)
Former President of European Association of Behaviour and Cognitive Psychotherapy (EABCT)
President of the International Association for Cognitive Psychotherapy (IACP)
Diplomate, Founding Fellow Academy of Cognitive Therapy (ACT), ACT Certified Supervisor, Trainer and Consultant
Beck Institute International Advisory Committee Member
World Association of Sexology MESHC Member

Goran Arbanas was born in 1970 in Karlovac, Croatia. He graduated at the Medical University in Zagreb in 1996. He is a psychiatrist and a psychotherapist. His PhD theme was „Metabolic syndrome in people with PTSD“. He is an Assistant Professor at the Medical University in Rijeka. He works at the University Psychiatric Hospital Vrapče, Department for forensic psychiatry. He is the head of the outpatient clinic for patients with sexual problems. He is a sexual therapist and he finished the course on sexual medicine in Oxford, and passed the european exam in sexual medicine (FECSM). He is the president of the Croatian society for sexual therapy and the member of the Executive Committee of the European Federation of Sexology. He teaches courses on Human sexuality and Clinical sexology at the Medical University in Rijeka, and the course on Medicine of human sexuality at the Medical University in Zagreb. He is married and has two daughters. He is a member of MENSA.

Goran Arbanas

E. Sandra Byers, Ph.D., L. Psych. is Professor and Chair in the Department of Psychology at University of New Brunswick in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada and a Research Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada. She is the author or co-author of more than 180 journal articles and book chapters mostly on aspects of human sexuality as well as of a popular textbook on human sexuality. She is a past-president of the International Academy of Sex Research and the Canadian Sex Research Forum, a fellow of the Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality and the Canadian Psychological Association, and on the editorial boards of a number of scholarly journals. She has won numerous awards including the Donald O. Hebb Award for Distinguished Contribution to Psychology as a Profession from the Canadian Psychological Association in 2010, the Kinsey Award for outstanding contributions to the field of sex research, sex therapy, or sexology from the Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality in 2013, and the Outstanding Contribution Award from the Canadian Sex Research Forum. She also is a licensed Clinical Psychologist with a part-time private practice primarily focused on the treatment of sexual concerns and problems.

Sandra Byers


Sam Geuens

Alain Giami (PhD) is currently Emeritus Research Professor at the Inserm (National Institute of Health and Medical Research) in Paris. He is chair of the Scientific Committee of the World Association for Sexual Health and Associate editor of the journal “Sexologies: European Journal of Sexology and sexual health”. He served as a full member of the International Academy of Sex Research since 1994 and also as an expert in various task force at the World Health Organization, UNESCO, the French Supreme Court (Conseil d’Etat) and the French Ministry of Health. He has published several books in French, English and Portuguese including: “Histories of Sexology : Between Science and Politics” (Palgrave) co-edited with Sharman Levinson (2021); “Infirmières & Sexualité : entre soins et relations” (Nurses & sexuality : between care & relations”, 2015 with Emilie Moreau & Pierre Moulin; "Sexual revolutions" (in collaboration with Gert Hekma), Palgrave 2014; He is currently coordinating an international network on “Health and Citizenship among trans persons” (France, Brasil, Chile, Italy, Norway, Denmark, Portugal).

Alain Giami
Directeur de recherche émérite à l’INSERM/
Emeritus Research Professor at INSERM
Chair : World Association of Sexual Health/
Scientific Committee


Woet Gianotten

Filippo Nimbi PhD, Psy.D., PostDoc Researcher and Lecturer of Clinical Psychology (M/PSI-08) and Sexology at the Dept. of Dynamic and Clinical Psychology, Sapienza University of Rome. Trained Psychologist, EFS&ESSM Certified Psycho-Sexologist (ECPS), Sex-Educator andLecturer at the Institute of Clinical Sexology of Rome. Chairperson of the Youth Committee of the European Federation of Sexology (EFS) Main research interests: 1) New trends in sexual behaviour and risk taking (e.g., Chemsex) 2) Sexual response models, in particular on sexual desire; 3) Sexual health and sexual education.

Filippo Nimbi

Psychotherapist, Academic and Researcher
President of the Portuguese Society Of Clinical Sexology
Advisory Board of the World Association of Sexual Health
Sexology SubCommittee of The European Society of Sexual Medicine
Full Member of the International Academy of Sex Research

Patricia Pascoal

Y. Reisman graduates Cum Laude at the Faculty of Medicine of State University Groningen, The Netherlands. In 1998 he defences his PhD research thesis on electronic diagnostic tools and objective medical decisions with European Clinical database. Since 2003 he is registered as a urologist allied to the Amstelland hospital in Amstelveen and from 2006 till recently chairman of the Dutch Men’s Health Clinics network. In 2011 he become a registered sexologist by the Dutch Society of sexology (NVVS) and since recently director of Flare-Health. He is honorary and visiting Professor for urology of the Russian Federal Institute of Urology, Moscow and of the Shanghai Institute of Andrology of the Medical School of Shanghai Jiao Tong University. He is active member of the European Association of Urology (EAU), President of the European Society for Sexual Medicine (ESSM), Ex-President of the Multidisciplinary Joint Committee on Sexual Medicine (MJCSM), for which he receives Silver Decoration of Honour from the UEMS, and co-director of ESSM School of Sexual Medicine. He is senior lecturer of Clinical Sexology at the RINO-Amsterdam, Netherlands. His special interest and publications are a.o. on cancer and sexual dysfunction, sexuality in chronic conditions, shockwave therapy for ED and life style and sexual function. Y. Reisman is among others co-editor of the Manual of Sexual Medicine, the Syllabus of Clinical Sexology published by the ESSM, and Cancer, Intimacy and Sexuality.

Cobi Reisman

Aleksandar Štulhofer is professor of sociology and head of Sexology Unit at the Department of Sociology, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Zagreb, Croatia. He has published internationally on the epidemiology of sexual health, pornography and sexual socialization, hypersexuality, sexual satisfaction, emotional intimacy and sexual well-being, HIV risks and sexual risk taking, school-based sexuality education, and sexuality in older age. In the 2005-2016 period, Dr. Štulhofer served as short-term consultant for the WHO in the area of HIV surveillance. He was a full member of the International Academy of Sex Research (until 2019); currently he is a member of the Scientific Committee of the European Federation of Sexology, an Affiliated Faculty of the Kinsey Institute (since 2008), and a member of the European Society for Sexual Medicine. Dr. Štulhofer serves on the editorial board of the journals Archives of Sexual Behavior, Journal of Sex Research, and Sexuality and Culture. In 2016, he was awarded a Gold Medal from the European Federation of Sexology for contribution to European Sexual Health. His most recent research projects focus on longitudinal assessment of ties between adolescents’ pornography use and well-being, healthy sexual aging in individuals and couples from five European countries, and links between sexual abuse and sexual health disturbances in adolescence.

Aleksandar Stulhofer


Roberta Rossi

DACS and Aalborg University Hospital

Astrid Højgaard has established the Sexological Center at the Aalborg University Hospital. The center is one of the largest centres in Scandinavia working in the field of sexology, rape victims and as a center for gender identity. She has been teaching medical students, midwives and post graduate doctors for two decades. In 2012 she took initiative to establish a master education in Sexology at the University of Aalborg. She has broadcasted 65 radio programmes on sexological topics in the Danish National Radio available as podcasts “Tændt” = “Turned on”. Her research interests are within the fields of reproductive choices and lately hormone therapy for transgender persons.

Astrid Højgaard

FECSM, Chairman of SSSM
Head of department, M.D
Ass. professor
Sexological Centre
Center for Gender Identity
Center for Rape Victims

Maria Lucia Pop is educated in Romania and Italy, as a M.D., clinical psychologist, and specialist in Psychiatry. She has worked in Romania, Italy and since 2014 in Aalborg, Denmark. She has been and is employed at Sexological Center, Aalborg University Hospital, Denmark. She is also a member of the multidisciplinary team in the hospital´s Center for Gender Identity, and has participated in establishing the Center since its beginning. She is also a member of the National Committee established under the Danish Health Authority focused on the advancement of knowledge and research on transgender health. In the previous five years, her primary focus has been on assessment and treatment of sexual dysfunctions in both individuals and couples, and providing gender-affirming care to transgender and gender non-conforming people. As such, her primary research interests concern transgender and gender non-conforming people´s needs and the mental health professional´s role in addressing those needs.

Maria Lucia Pop

Senior Doctor
Sexological Center / Center for Gender Identity
Aalborg University Hospital

I am an authorized psychologist, and a specialist in sexological counseling (NACS). I am also an associated professor at the Univeristy of Agder, Norway, where I teach at the sexological counselor training programme. I am vice chair in DACS, and have a private sexological practice in Århus, Denmark. I also have a lot of other teaching assignments around both Denmark and Norway.

Rikke Pristed

• Physiotherapist, Master of Health Science, Master of Sexology, Specialist in Sexual Counselling • PhD fellow, Center for Sexology Research, The Faculty of Medicine, Department of Clinical Medicine, Aalborg University. Title of project: Development of the intervention: Physical activity to reduce vascular erectile dysfunction • Senior Lecturer, Health Science Research Centre & Department of Biomedical Laboratory Science, Physiotherapy and Radiography, Faculty of Health Sciences, UCL University College, Odense, Denmark • Physiotherapist at Årslev Physiotherapy, Denmark • Member of Danish Association of Clinical Sexology (DACS) • Authorized Sexuality Educator and Sexual Health Promoter (NACS) • Appointed member of the Ethical Council of the Association of Danish Physiotherapists Research interests: • Lifestyle and sexual function • Development of interventions to treat sexual dysfunctions • Health care professionals’ & students’ attitudes to include sexual health • Methods: Quantitative, Qualitative, Psychometrics, Systematic Reviews

Helle Gerbild

Health Science Research Centre, UCL University College, Odense, Denmark;
Center for Sexology Research, Department of Clinical Medicine, Aalborg University, Aalborg, Denmark