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Bologna, Italy

Scientific Committee


Professor of Psychiatry, Istanbul Kent University, Istanbul
President of the Turkish Association for Cognitive Behaviour Therapies (TACBT)
Former President of European Association of Behaviour and Cognitive Psychotherapy (EABCT)
Past President of the International Association for Cognitive and Behavioural Psychotherapy (IACBP)
Diplomate, Founding Fellow Academy of Cognitive Therapy (ACT)
Beck Institute International Advisory Committee Member
World Confederation of Behavioural and Cognitive Therapies Executive Board Member
President of the European Federation of Sexology (EFS)
Advisory Board Member of World Association of Sexual Health (WAS)
Sam Geuens
Clinical Sexologist, Psychotherapist & Moral Philosopher
Department of Healthcare – Midwifery and Nursing Science, PXL University College of Applied Arts & Sciences, Hasselt, Belgium
Outpatient Center for Sexual Health, Sint Franciscus Hospital Heusden-Zolder, Belgium
Korzybski Institute for Training in Solution Focused Psychotherapy, Brugges, Belgium
Charmaine Borg
Assistant Professor, University of Groningen, The Netherlands
PhD, Associate Professor Lusófona University; Past President Portuguese Society for Clinical Sexology
Stefano Eleuteri
Faculty of Medicine and Psychology, Sapienza University of Rome
Goran Arbanas
Assistant Professor, Medical school Rijeka
University Psychiatric Hospital Vrapce


Stefano Bernardi
Psicologo Psicoterapeuta Sessuologo Clinico / Centro Italiano Di Sessuologia Cis E Siru Societa’ Italiana Della Riproduzione Umana
Fulvio Colombo
Ad. Professor - Andrological Reconstructive Surgery.
Head of Andrology Unit - Department of Urology and Nephrology.
University Hospital of Bologna - Policlinico of S.Orsola - IRCCS
Giovanni Corona
Medico Endocrinologo / Primario Reparto Di Endocrinologia Ospedale Maggiore Bo / Siams Societa’ Italiana Di Andrologia E Medicina Della Sessualita’
Valentina Cosmi
Psicologa Psicoterapeuta Sessuologa Clinica / Socia Fondatrice Sisp Società Italiana Di Sessuologia E Psicologia.
Ciro Basile Fasolo
Andrologist Clinical Sexologist / Sia Italian Society of Andrology/ External Lecturer University of Pisa
Maria Cristina Florni
Psychologist, Psychotherapist, Sexologist, Lead Psychologist At Modena Public Health Service From 1990 To 2020, Italian Center Of Sexology’s President
Marta Giuliani
Psicologa Psicoterapeuta Sessuologa Clicnica / Socia Fondatrice Sisp Società Italiana Di Sessuologia E Psicologia. Consigliera Dell’ordine Degli Psicologi Del Lazio
Antonino Gugliemino
Medico Ginecologo Presidente Societa’ Italiana Della Riproduzione Umana Siru
Elena Vittoria Longhi
Psychologist Psychotherapist Clinical Sexologist / Lombardy Regional Delegate E and Councillor Of Cis Italian Center Of Sexology / IRCCS SAN RAFFAELE Center Of Sexual Medicine University Vita & Salute, Milan
Luigi Montano
Medico Andrologo / Siru Societa’ Italiana Della Riproduzione Umana Siru
Chiara Rafanelli
Psychiatrist, Clinical Psychologist, Full Professor of Clinical Psychology University of Bologna, Director of the School of Specialization in Clinical Psychology University of Bologna
Maria Nimbi Filippo
Psicologo Psicoterapeuta Sessuologo Clinico / Fiss Federazione Italiana Delle Societa’ Di Sessuologia E Consigliere Efs European Federation Of Sexology
Gabriella Rifelli
Psicologa Psicoterapeuta Sessuologa Clinica / Direttore Scuola Di Sessuologia Clinica Cis Centro Italiano Di Sessuologia
Cristiano Scandurra
Psicologo Psicoterapeuta Sessuologo Clinico / Napoli Societa’ Italiana Di Psicoterapia Psicoanalitica
Renato Seracchioli
Seracchioli Renato – Medico Ginecologo / Primario Del Reparto Di Ginecologia E Fisiopatologia Della Riproduzione Umana Dell’ospedale Sant’orsola Bo E Direttore Scuola Di Specializzazione In Ginecologia E Ostetricia Unibo.
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